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Database Coverage
Record Counts
 Baptism Records 1,912,486
 Banns Records 102,942
 Marriage Allegation Records 22,433
 Marriage Records 593,056
 Burial Records 1,550,000
Sub Total PRs  4,180,917
 Non-conformist Baptisms 124,371
 Non-conformist Marriages 1,348
 Non-conformist Burials 11,631
 Birth Certificates 2,393
 Marriage Certificates 2,080
 Death Certificates 3,326
 Strays - baptisms 79
 Strays - banns 4
 Strays - marriages 220
 Strays - burials 92
 Cornish Telegraph Marriages 1851-67 2,108
 Royal Cornwall Gazette Births 1801-1821, 1841-1879, 1890 33,737
 Royal Cornwall Gazette Marriages 1801-1821, 1841-1879, 1890 20,004
 Royal Cornwall Gazette Deaths 1801-1821, 1841-1879, 1890 47,397
 Royal Cornwall Gazette Inquests 1842-79 6,051
 Royal Cornwall Gazette Deaths, Funeral Accounts and Obituaries 1801-1822, 1841-1849, 1865-1879 3,164
 West Briton Births 1836-1841,1857 3,414
 West Briton Marriages 1836-1839,1857 1,622
 West Briton Deaths 1836-1838,1844,1857 3,854
 West Briton Inquests 1857 38
 Inquest reports from other newspapers 7
 Redruth Workhouse Death Register 1,084
 Falmouth Workhouse Births 347
 Other Newspapers Deaths, Funeral Accounts and Obituaries 3
 Parish Apprenticeship records 4,828
 Criminal Court Reports (Royal Cornwall Gazette) & Court Ledgers 18,889
 Civil Court Reports 295
 Bastardy Documents 585
 Emigrants 82,939
 Hearth Tax, 1664 15,285
 Institution Inmates 38,928
 Land Tax, 1799 & Returns of Owners of Land, 1873 18,520
 MIs 24,550
 Muster Rolls, c1535 & 1569 15,079
 Protestation Returns, 1641-42 31,043
 School Admissions 24,343
 Parish 'settlement' records 2,959
 Voters Lists, various years 38,134
 Wills Transcriptions 11,374
 Wills Index 111,600
 Miscellaneous records index 43,204
 News items from the Royal Cornwall Gazette 2,642
 News items from other newspapers 7
 Malc McCarthy Index 21,692
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